As the first bus and van dealer in the Northwest, we understand the importance of providing training for your drivers, fleet operators, and mechanics. Whether it is performing a pre-trip inspection, or diagnosing a Multi-Plex wiring system, Schetky NW will work with you to make sure you are best prepared.

Please feel free to contact your sales person, or call us at (800) 255-8341 and contact our sales department to set up training.


Below are videos that demonstrate common features on our buses. Feel free to show them with your drivers, and also to share them with people within your industry. It is very important that people know how to properly operate everything on their bus, and if anything is unclear after watching the videos, please give us a call and we can help you out. The videos that are currently featured are:

Wheelchair Lift Videos

Wheelchair Restraint / Tie Down Videos

Thomas Built Bus Videos